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Mushroom, Oyster (0.5 lbs)

Ozark Forest Mushrooms Ozark Forest Mushrooms
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Each bag has .5 lb. Grown in Timber, MO.

Beyond Organic

Not certified but grown using organic and/or regenerative growing practices

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These mushrooms are best fried, stir-fried, or braised. Once cooked, they assume a seafood-esque flavor (hence why they're named oyster mushrooms). Be aware: Ten percent of the population has a slight allergic reaction if they consume the mushroom raw. Thus, we advise against raw consumption.


How to store: Do not wash before storing. Keep in paper bag and make sure to roll up the top of the bag. Place in main compartmennt of fridge. This will keep the mushrooms from both becoming soggy and moldy, or dried out.

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