The STL Farm Delivery Co.
We deliver fresh food from local farms
Our purpose
Our purpose is to support local farmers and artisans in the STL region and provide you - the people of St. Louis - with a more convenient way to get healthy, seasonal groceries.
What we offer
FYF is an online grocery store that sources fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, and pantry products from more than 40 sustainable family farms and artisans in the St. Louis region. We then deliver those products directly to your door.
Why us?
Grocery Store
Locally Grown Travels 100s of miles
Harvested and delivered within days Artificially ripened with toxic chemicals
Transparency with customers Practices hidden behind a label
Family farms Massive corporate farms
Pasture-raised animals Inhumane animal treatment
Delivered to your door Lines, traffic, and masks
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