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We deliver fresh food from local farms
Our purpose
Our agricultural system is broken. Grocery stores are stocked with synthetically ripened vegetables that travel thousands of miles and touch countless hands. This system harms our health, our farmers, and our planet. We offer a simple alternative. Find your farmer. Find out who they are and how they grow. You can start here.
What we offer
FYF is an online marketplace where St. Louis residents can order restaurant-quality fruits, vegetables, meats, and cheeses from local farmers. We then deliver these orders right to your door.
Why us?
Grocery Store
Locally Grown Travels 100s of miles
Harvested and delivered within days Artificially ripened with toxic chemicals
Transparency with customers Practices hidden behind a label
Family farms Massive corporate farms
Pasture-raised animals Inhumane animal treatment
Delivered to your door Lines, traffic, and masks
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