How it Works

I’m confused. Can you explain how Find Your Farmer works?

Yes we can! There are two ways to shop from Find Your Farmer. Either you can simply browse the website and checkout with different groceries from local farms and artisans OR you can sign up for a customizable subscription box.

What happens behind the scenes?

Our supply chain is unbelievably simple. (1) You place an order for local farm goods. (2) We send that order to order to local farms and artisans. (3) The vegetable farms harvest your produce, the dairy farms milk the cows, and the artisans bake your bread. (4) All ordered items are delivered to our facility and inspected for quality. (5) We sort all items into insulated cooler bags and deliver them to your door. (6) You eat hyper-local, super fresh products from local farms and artisans.

Do you deliver to me?

We deliver radically local and ethical groceries to all of St. Louis City and St. Louis County. You can check your zip code here. If we don’t deliver to our zip code, let us know and we’ll make a note of it! If enough people in your zip code would like to use our platform, then we’ll expand into your area.

When do you deliver?

Currently, we deliver all orders on Wednesdays in the 11am-8pm time range.

Can I customize my farm box?

Yes, all of our farm boxes are customizable. Once you’ve subscribed to a farm box, you will receive a weekly/biweekly (depending on your delivery cadence) email with the contents of your farm box and some substitution options. To make a change to your box, you simply respond to the form that you receive with your desired subs.

Do I have to subscribe?

No! If you want fresh, local goods without the subscription, you can shop a-la-carte from our selection of radically local and ethical groceries. Click here to see our selection.

Can I order a one-time trial farm box?

Yes! To order a one-time trial box, click on a farm box and select one-time purchase.

How many people does a farm box serve?

The small seasonal box comes with 5-7 seasonal produce items and is meant to serve approx. 1 person. The large seasonal box comes with 7-9 seasonal produce items and is meant to serve approx. 1-2 people. All of the chef's boxes come with approx. 6-10 local and seasonal staples (produce, meat, dairy, etc.) and are meant to serve approx. 1-2 people. The seasonal bounty box comes with approx. 10-14 local and seasonal staples (produce, meat, dairy, etc.) and is meant to serve approx. 3-4 people.

Is there a delivery fee?

Yes! At the moment, our delivery fee is $6.95. That said, if you sign up for our FYF Prime membership all orders have free delivery!

When is the order cutoff?

Currently the order deadline is 12pm on Monday for Wednesday delivery.

The Food

Where does the produce come from?

Almost all of the produce comes from small family farms and artisans in the greater St. Louis region (within 150 miles of the city center). You can find out more about each of the farmers by looking at our Farmer's Journal

Is your food organic?

Lots of our food is organic! In order to tell which items are organic or beyond organic (don’t have the organic label but use the same practices as organic farmers), you can look at the product icons.

I (or a member of my household) have a food allergy. Can I still shop from Find Your Farmer?

Unfortunately, we recommend NOT shopping from our platform if you or a member of your household has a food allergy. We handle many items with allergens in our facility and are hyper-cautious about allergy concerns.

Will meat arrive fresh or frozen?

All meat will arrive frozen.

Do I need to wash my produce?

Yes, we recommend that you wash your produce!

Are the Rolling Lawns milks pasteurized?

Yes, they are pasteurized at low temperatures to preserve quality and taste.


When is the latest I can cancel or make changes to my order?

Ordering closes at 12pm Mondays. If you’d like to make a change to your order or add on items to your order before then, please email findyourfarmer1@gmail.com with the desired changes and/or add-ons. In most cases, we’ll be able to accommodate your request!

How do I customize my farm box?

If you’re subscribed to a box, you’ll receive an email every week with all of the contents of that week’s box and substitution options. All you have to do is respond to the form in that email with your desired subs!

How do I skip delivery?

To skip an order, you can log into your account at any time, select “Manage my Subscription,” select “Manage Upcoming Orders,” and skip the shipments that you don’t want to receive. In order to skip a shipment for a given Wednesday, please select to skip the charge on the Friday prior to that Wednesday.

Something is wrong with my order. What can I do?

Send an email to findyourfarmer1@gmail.com and we’ll get to the bottom of your issue.


Where do I enter my discount code?

On the checkout page (beneath “Order Summary”) there will be a place where you can input your discount code. If you have any issues using a discount code that you received, please email findyourfarmer1@gmail.com.

Why is my discount code not working?

Good question! If you have a discount code that should be working but isn’t, shoot us an email at findyourfarmer1@gmail.com and we’ll help you figure it out.


What time can I expect my order to be delivered?

Your order will be delivered on Wednesday in the 11am-8pm range. The night before you receive your order, you will receive a more specific delivery time range. If you have a specific preference for a delivery time, send over an email to findyourfarmer1@gmail.com OR leave a note when you're checking out and we’ll try our best to accommodate your request.

What if I’m not at home when you deliver?

If you’re not home, we’ll leave the insulated cooler bags on your doorstep! The insulated cooler bags are packed with ice packs and should keep products cool for a duration of time (depending on the temperature outside). That said, we recommend bringing the bags in as soon as possible especially if you ordered produce, dairy, meat, and other perishable items. If you won't be home for an extended period of time, you can place a cooler out on your porch and leave a delivery note to place the bag inside the cooler!

How will my food be packaged?

All products come in an insulated cooler bag (packed with multiple ice packs) unless you explicitly ask for alternative packaging.

What do I do with my insulated bag?

Every week when we drop off your order, we’ll pick up the bags from the prior week. You’ll receive a reminder text on the day of delivery to place your bag on the porch for pick-up/delivery day! By cleaning and reusing our bags, we save a whole lot of waste!


How do I create an account?

To create an account, click here and enter the information asked for on the screen.

I clicked “Forgot My Password” but it never sent me an email! What happened?

If this happened to you, you probably have never created an account using the email that you entered. To create an account, click here and enter the information asked for on the screen. If you have any issues, please send us an email at findyourfarmer1@gmail.com.

How do I change my email address?

To change your email address, first login to your account, select "Manage by Subscriptions", and select "Edit" on the right hand side of the screen. Proceed to type in your new email address.

I forgot my password. How do I update it?

On the login screen, click “Forgot my Password” and follow the instructions on the screen.

Manage Your Subscription

How can I see if I have a delivery coming?

There are three ways to see if you have an upcoming delivery. First, you can log into your account, select “Manage my Subscription,” select “Manage Upcoming Orders,” and see when the upcoming charges are going to be placed. Remember that orders will be delivered the first Wednesday after you’re charged. For example, if there’s a charge scheduled for Friday, January 6th then the box will be delivered Wednesday, January 11. Second, you will receive an email one day before your card is charged for an upcoming delivery. That email indicates that you’re receiving a box that upcoming Wednesday. Third, you’ll only receive an email with the box contents and substitution options on Sunday if you’re getting a box that upcoming Wednesday.

How do I switch my farm box type?

If you’d like to switch your box type, send an email over to findyourfarmer1@gmail.com and we’ll make the change from the backend.

Can I change how often I receive my farm box?

Yes! You can receive your box on either a weekly or biweekly basis. If you’d like to switch your box cadence, send an email over to findyourfarmer1@gmail.com and we’ll make the change from the backend.

Can I place a hold on future deliveries?

Yes! To pause upcoming orders, log into your account, select “Manage my Subscription,” select “Manage Upcoming Orders,” and click “Pause Future Orders.”

How do I resume my orders after pausing?

To resume orders, log into your account, select "Manage my Subscription”, select "Manage Upcoming Orders”, and click “Resume Future Orders.”

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, log into your account, select “Manage my Subscription,” scroll down to the section marked “Cancel Subscription,” select “Cancel Subscription,” and confirm your cancellation.

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