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How does the service work?

From Wednesday to Monday, customers can order from our weekly menu of local farm goods. This menu offers meats, produce, fruits, cheese, and breads from nearly 30 local farms and artisans in the region. That following Wednesday, the items are delivered to our customer’s front door.

How many farmers do you source from?

Depending on the week, Find Your Farmer might source products from up to 30 different local farmers and artisans.

Where does the company operate?

Only in St. Louis for the time being.

How do I know when my food has arrived?

On Tuesday night, you will receive a text notification (or email) that indicates the anticipated time of arrival. On Wednesday, you will receive a text notification (or email) indicating that your food is waiting on your doorstep.

What do I do if my food didn’t arrive on time or my order was wrong?

Fill out a Contact Us form or email us at and we'll get to the bottom of your issue! In case of product quality or quantity issues, please review our Refund Policy.

What do I do if I want to add items to my order?

You have up until Monday at 6:00 PM to add items to your order. In order to avoid paying two delivery fees, please contact so that we can send you a promo code that negates your second delivery fee!

Is the selection dependent on the season?

As with all local agricultural products, the selection is dependent on the season. At Find Your Farmer, we only offer produce that is being harvested within 150 miles of our central location. Thus, you won’t find any bananas offered in Missouri. Nonetheless, we do have year-round offerings. In the winter, we will continue to offer root crops, leafy greens, meats, cheeses, breads, and value-added products.

How does FYF make money?

We charge a small service fee on each transaction!

How many items are on the weekly menu?

This number differs from week to week but normally falls between 70 and 100 products.

Do your farmers use sustainable practices?

Every one of our farmers has a strong commitment to sustainability. That being said, practices differ from farm to farm. Some farms have Certified Organic products while other farms use sustainable and regenerative techniques but could not afford the cost of applying for an organic certification. We are currently working on the development of pages for each farm so that you can see the specific practices used by our suppliers. Until then, please contact if you have any specific questions about our farmers’ practices.

How does FYF get their produce descriptions so spot on?

We take a lot of the content for our product descriptions from a very helpful platform called For more information on the produce offered on our website, we highly recommend checking out the Specialty Produce platform.

Is your produce delicious?

Yes. Thanks for asking.

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