About Us

Our Mission
To (1) support local farms and artisans by creating a new market for their products and (2) provide you - the people of St. Louis - with a more convenient way to get fresh, ethical, and local groceries.
Why FYF?

Sustainability: Organic farm partners & re-usable insulated packaging

Convenience: Selection of 350+ local St. Louis groceries delivered to your door

Local: Sourced from within a 150 mile radius of St. Louis

Transparency: Icon system so you know exactly how your produce is cultivated

Freshness: Produce is harvested 1 or 2 days before delivery

How It Works
  1. You shop a-la-carte or subscribe to a farm box
  2. We send your orders to our partner farms and artisans
  3. Our partners harvest your produce, bottle your milk, and bake your bread
  4. Products are delivered to our facility where we ensure that they meet our quality standards
  5. Orders are sorted into insulated cooler bags and delivered to your door


Christine from Tower Grove

"We have been a customer since March 2021 - quality products, friendly and reliable service, super easy to place your order, and you know your are supporting local farmers and creators!! Love seeing that FYF green bag on my porch - thank you!!"

Allison from the Hill

"Find Your Farmer is the best! We have been customers for about 6 months and have enjoyed beautiful, fresh, local produce on our doorstep ever since. Their customer service is extremely responsive and the New Years Eve meals were especially thoughtful and creative. Thank you for supporting sustainable agriculture!"

Joe from Crestwood

"I love ordering from Find Your Farmer. The quality is always top notch. I know they’re working hard to connect me with all the local producers, so all I have to do is enjoy it. The team is super easy to work with and very responsive. I love that I can order what I want from a large selection of meats and vegetables to prepared foods and pantry items."

Anna from Tower Grove

"Find Your Farmer is the service I’ve been looking for! It really is like bringing the farmer’s market straight to your front door. I loved the range of items I was able to order and the service was impeccable. One of my items was out of stock and they notified me quickly, gave me a refund, and added an extra item for free to make up for it. I will be using them often!"

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