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About Us

Our story
We believe in a healthier and more just food system… a food system centered around local, sustainable agriculture and small family farmers. Find Your Farmer is an extension of this belief. Our mission is to support local farmers in the STL region and provide you - the people of St. Louis - with a convenient way to get healthy, seasonal groceries.
Our vision
We envision a radically local St. Louis in which people source their food from small family farmers and artisans. In this St. Louis, our food is tastier, our community is healthier, and our connection to the earth is stronger. In this St. Louis, every person knows their grower by name and story. We are so excited to work by your side to bring this vision to life.


Erin R.

"I really like the fact that I can order local products for delivery and choose the products that I want. It's more like a virtual farmers market."

C. Schaefer

"I love the service and being able to pick out the fruits and vegetables I want! The quality is excellent."

Sandi T.

"We really value farm fresh fruits and vegetables and thus love the convenience of home delivery, the quality of the produce supplied, and the ability to support local farmers through Find Your Farmer."

Lynne K.

"I think it's a terrific service! I look forward to placing more orders for fresh produce!"

"Just because you have a serious mission, doesn’t mean you have to take yourself too seriously.” - Noah Offenkrantz (CEO)

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