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Our Story
Wolf Creek Farm LLC’s was born when a 5th generation grain farmer - Roger W. Bock - met a life long vegetable grower: Deb Flannery. Today, with the help of our loyal crew of employees, we grow corn, soybeans, and wholesale vegetable crops such as onions, sweet corn, summer squash, and root crops.

We don’t just produce crops; we nurture them. We’ve used theories of carbon farming and permaculture to design a sustainable food operation with a low carbon footprint. We take pride in working with nature to nourish our community.

When we’re not working on the farm, we enjoy lending time and money to local animal shelters and food kitchens.
Our Practices
Nature is our Boss. We take care of the vegetables and land while Nature provides increasing energetic yields. That being said, we don’t use any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.

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