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Our Story
Many years ago, before the advent of modern, commercial milk production, the Bizenbergers and Eickmeyers supplied wholesome milk, cream, and butter to friends and neighbors within their communities. Due to strong attention to detail and a healthy acceptance of only the highest quality of produced goods, the families enjoyed ever-increasing demand for their products. They consistently reinvested the fruits of their success, growing their herds while maintaining a strict adherence to the high production standards that enabled it.

A little while back, I, Steve Eickmeyer, a fourth generation Eickmeyer dairy farmer, crossed paths with Kurt Bizenberger, a third generation Bizenberger dairy farmer. Through multiple conversations, it became apparent that we shared a common vision. We both wanted to recreate the more intimate relationship-oriented dairy production of yesteryear. We yearned for a time when professional quality and personal reputation went hand in hand.

Today, the two families comprise Windcrest Dairy.
Our Practices
Windcrest only uses three ingredients to make our yogurt: milk, milk protein concentrate, and yeast cultures. As a result, our yogurt is flufflier and sweeter than store-bought alternatives. Our yogurt has a consistent flavor because we control what the cows eat and where the milk comes from. We feed our herd a mixture of hay, corn, grass, and nutritional supplements.

With the big guys, a truck goes to the farm, picks up the milk and comingles it with milk from 10 other producers. They unload it in a big milk silo, and 20 people touch that milk. Two weeks later, it’s on a shelf. There are days at Windcrest where within 24 hours of when that cow was milked, the yogurt is on the shelf somewhere.

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