Our Story
“For over 20 years, Wild Alaska Salmon and Seafood has provided wild-caught Salmon from the icy waters of Bristol Bay, Alaska—known to connoisseurs as the home of the best tasting salmon in the world. Our methods of fishing are specifically designed to catch only the sustainably resourced salmon, other species of fish and other wildlife are not harmed or caught. As the salmon are caught, the fish are delivered on ice to shore straight from our boat twice per day and are at once cleaned and hand-processed by our own processing team.”
Our Philosophy
"Our perspective on salmon, our process and our people make all the difference. When it comes right down to it, our business is all about taste, and we never forget that fact. For that reason, everything we do is done with quality in mind. We only fish for the absolute best and we handle it all very carefully and quickly. To us, taste is all that matters."

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