Our Story
Ted Wilson and Sean Netzer met working at a Neapolitan Pizzeria called The Good Pie. Soon after, in the wee hours at eat rite diner, they hatched a plan to open what would eventually become Union Loafers. Loafers took shape from the idea of making the common, everyday foods they love, uncommon through commitment to quality methods and ingredients.

Buoyed by a staff that shares the same enthusiasm for service as food, Union Loafers proudly serves its bread, sandwiches, and pizza in their original location in heart of Botanical Heights.
Our Philosophy
Union Loafers abides by the motto: ‘uncommonly good for the common good.’ What that means in practicality is that Union Loafers is committed to using locally grown and milled wheat and rye in all their products. Additionally, all of their bread is naturally leavened!

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