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Our Story
When I was 12 years old, I begged my parents to give me a small section of the family garden. In my 5x5 patch of soil, I planted a few watermelon seeds. I nurtured those seeds like they were my children, making it a part of my daily routine to go outside and check on their growth. To the chagrin of my parents, my plants ended up producing 20 ripe melons. Not bad for a rookie.

My passion for farming sprouted from that childhood experience. After years of working with more traditional crops, I decided to try my hand in sunflower oil. I was well aware of the history of sunflower oil… originally sunflowers were grown for oil to make biodiesel. Over time, however, people began to realize that the cold-pressed oil extraction method could produce a chemical-free oil with a rich buttery flavor. I thought, “I could leverage this cold press extraction method to produce a very nutritious oil that people would love.” I was right.
Our Practices
No chemicals or heat is used in the extraction method. All sunflowers are grown using sustainable practices. That means: no chemical pesticides and no chemical fertilizers.

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