Our Story
About 10 years back, Bryan Meyers started reading a lot about sustainable farming. Bryan quickly realized that he alone would not have the expertise necessary to build a successful and sustainable farm. That's why he reached out to his friend Andrew Bachmann. Andrew is a 4th generation farmer and knew all the things that Three Springs would need to become a successful farming operation. With Bryan's land and customer connections and Andrew's expertise, the duo set out to provide high quality, responsibly raised meats and vegetables to friends and neighbors in the greater St. Louis region.
Our Practices
Three Springs Farm is dedicated to ethical, sustainable practices. They take an extremely active, hands-on approach in their animals’ lives, constantly moving the different herds of animals from pasture to pasture. This ensures that Three Spring's fields have time to naturally recover after being enjoyed by their chickens, pigs, and cows. Three Springs is thrilled to know that their way of raising animals actually enriches the land instead of degrading it.

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