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Our Story
"Hello, my name is Bryan Meyers. About 10 years ago, I had been reading a lot about sustainable farming and decided to try my hand at it. However, I didn’t have the skills and experience I believed necessary to make it a successful farm, so I reached out to my friend Andrew Bachmann to partner with me. Andrew is a 4th generation farmer and knew all the things that we would need to know about raising our animals while I provided the land, customer connections, and an extra hand on the farm. Luckily, our farm has been successful enough that Andrew was recently able to buy about 50 acres next to my patch of about 100 acres. This is great as it provides us even more pastures to graze our expanding herd. "
Our Practices
"Three Springs Farm is dedicated to ethical, sustainable practices. We take an extremely active, hands-on approach in our animals’ lives as we constantly move the different herds of animals from pasture to pasture. This ensures that our fields have time to naturally recover after being enjoyed by our chickens, pigs, and cows. We think the way we do things is really cool as our farming practices enrich and improve the land rather than degrade it. Furthermore, our animals get to live happy, rich lives the way they were meant to, meaning the food we put on your table is way more healthy, ethical, and sustainable. "

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