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Our Story
Thies Farm and Greenhouses has been proudly growing for the St. Louis community since 1885. In some ways the Thies Farm of today is vastly different from the Thies Farm of 1885. The business has expanded and diversified but still at the core of everything we do lies a very important focus on sustainability.

We continually strive to make improvements in our methods and are constantly adapting to changes in the environment, our community, and our business. Continued growth and success was made possible by early generations of the Thies family and their dedication to sustainability. It is now our goal to continue those practices to allow future generations to enjoy the same.
Our Practices
Every method and practice utilized by Thies Farm aims to conserve precious natural resources. In that vein, Thies Farm leverages integrated pest management. Rather than resorting straight to pesticides or other chemical-based approaches to pest problems, we first attempt to use natural and mechanical remedies.

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