Our Story
Theodora Farms is a 10-acre farm in Godfrey, IL that was founded in 2019 and is dedicated to producing top quality seasonal foods. Theodora's vegetables, herbs, flowers, and annual fruits are certified ORGANIC which means that their top priority is using practices that build soil and biological diversity. Theodora's mission is to catalyze the health and happiness of their community through food and agriculture!
Our Philosophy
Theodora Farms has been using regenerative practices since its opening in 2019 and is working to become officially certified. What does regenerative really mean though? Theodora's number one concern is nurturing the health of their soil. They believe that healthy soil feeds healthy plants, which in turn feeds healthy people! So how does Theodora nurture healthy soil? First, they use a semi-permanent raised bed system with organic amendments, cover crops, natural mulches, annual fallow, and crop rotations. Second, they only choose organic, heirloom, and hybrid varieties of vegetables for flavor, eating quality, and local, seasonal adaptability. Third, Theodora opts for OMRI certified natural fertilizers and insect sprays rather than harmful fertilizers and pesticides. Fourth and finally, Theodora harvests almost all crops by hand!”

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