Our Story
Sutter Produce was founded in 2006 when Ron and Julie Knoche started selling excess produce and homemade jams at various farmer's markets. Over the years, Sutter Produce slowly expanded from a small garden-sized operation to include three acres of farming land, two high tunnels, a greenhouse, and a shelter for their 150 laying hens. In 2019, Ron and Julie added a commercial kitchen from which we now produce their jams, jellies, and pie fillings!

Out of their 155 year old farmstead in Sutter, Illinois, Ron and Julie have watched as Sutter Produce has transformed from a side project into the thriving operation that it is today.
Our Practices
All of Ron and Julie's jams, jellies, and pie fillings are handmade in small batches using homegrown and local products whenever possible. That makes Sutter Produce one of the few local jam makers committed to only using locally-grown fruit in their jams.

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