Our Story
The Schneider’s launched their farm as a first-generation farm in 1986 when they realized a glaring problem in the global food system: People simply had not know where their food was coming from.

So why rice? Well there were two reasons. First, almost all U.S. rice was coming from abroad; transitioning to rice seemed like an easy way to fight back against the hyper-globalized food system. Second, rice was already a key staple in the Schneider's home. As rice lovers, they thought: we should grow what we eat!
Our Practices
The Schneiders take pride in using sustainable farming practices on their farm. With their third generation on the way up, the Schneider family is increasingly aware of their responsibility to leave the earth better than they found it. That's why they only plant non-GMO seeds and are constantly striving to limit their carbon footprint by making their operation more sustainable.

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