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Our Story
My wife, Paula, and I started growing Microgreens in the Spring of 2020. I am vegan and am always looking for plant based sources of nutrition. Microgreens contain between 4 and 40x the nutrients of their adult varieties. After growing a few trays, we fell in love with the flavor and process of Microgreens. Paula designs kitchens and bathrooms and when Covid hit in March, all of her projects dropped off a cliff. With the abundance of time and lack of revenue she now had, we decided to start selling the microgreens we enjoyed so much. I have always enjoyed gardening so this was right up my alley. I am also going to school for my MBA, so starting a small business was very intriguing for me. We started working at local farmer's markets and are now thrilled to be partnered with Find Your Farmer.
Our Philosophy
We converted a spare bedroom into our urban farm. The microgreens are currently grown on 3 wire shelving racks with grow lights. We use Coco Coir as our primary medium. It is made from processed coconut shells which is similar to hydroponics but adds the needed support for microgreens. We have been donating extra products to food shelters and other charitable causes and have presented our process at schools to teach the next generation about microgreens. We have enjoyed our new hobby, educating people, and supplying nutrition to all of St. Louis.

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