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Our Story
Our farm has been raising livestock in Central Illinois for generations. The farmstead is only a mile away from the farm where my great-great Grandfather settled in 1888. Sam Slagel purchased the original farm on November 1st 1888 and the Slagel family has raised livestock there ever since.

We - me (Louis John Slagel), my wife Leslie, and our five kids - work together to run a small, diversified farm with hogs, cattle, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, rabbits, corn, soybeans, hay, and pumpkins. Over the generations, instead of modernizing all aspects of the operation, we’ve run a smaller scale farm that focuses more on quality than quantity. We control every aspect of our operation from breeding and genetics to the feed rations fed to the livestock. With complete control and mastery over the entire farming process, we can promise our customers consistent, high quality, and wholesome meat products.
Our Practices
Slagel has a strong commitment to the humane treatment of animals. We take multiple steps to ensure the health and well-being of our animals. First, we don’t allow the use of sub-therapeutic and/or non-therapeutic antibiotics or hormones. Second, all meat animals are fed a natural diet of fresh grass or hay and grain. Third, our livestock are not finished out in confinement barns so they have free access to the outdoors and plenty of fresh air and sunshine. Fourth, our pigs are not penned in gestation crates that limit their movement. Fifth and finally, we have our own animal processing facility which means that animals travel less than 5 miles from field to facility. This greatly reduces their stress levels.

We also pride ourselves on our resourcefulness. The manure from our livestock is composted and used as fertilizer in our organic crop fields. We then raise crops on these fields, completing the circle by feeding those crops back to our livestock.

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