Our Story
Odds and Ends is an urban farm located in the North County of St. Louis, Missouri. Family owned and operated, now in their third growing season, Odds and Ends farms an assemblage of three acres with love using sustainable practices. The O&E crew harvest by hand a carefully selected mix of over sixty varieties of eclectic and familiar veggies. This farm family is especially excited about the thirteen varieties of potatoes they are planting this season.
Our Practices
Odds and Ends believes that transparent agriculture is a balanced relationship between the farmer, the community, and the land, one that is equally giving to all. For that reason, Odds and Ends does not use any synthetic fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, or genetically modified seed. Instead, here’s how they cultivate their crops… Soil fertility: Odds and Ends tests their soil annually and amends using OMRI approved inputs according to those test results. They maintain soil fertility by rotating crops, planting cover crops, and applying composted/ aged animal manures and micronutrients. The products they use include feather meal, fish emulsion, compost, lime, kelp, and mineral supplements. Weed control: Odds and Ends blocks weeds with landscape fabric (woven, reusable, plastic fabric), leaf mulch, straw mulch, and cover crops. Weeding is done by hand and at times engine powered cultivators when human power is not available. Pest control: Odds and Ends utilizes companion planting, crop rotation, flowering farm-scapes, and cover crops to attract beneficial insects. To prevent pests from eating the crops, they use insect netting, hand-pick pests, and employ beneficial insects. When pest populations are causing significant crop loss, organically approved pest sprays may be used as a control measure. Plant diseases: Managed by balancing soil nutrients, rotating vegetable crops, planting cover crops, and removing severely infected plants!

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