Our Story
Nourish STL is a collaboration between an award-winning chef and a local food advocate. I (Rhonda Smythe) am a Registered Dietitian who has been working in local food systems in St. Louis for over a decade. The problem we are trying to solve is how to extend the harvest season beyond March-October so people can buy local food year round. The most obvious way to do that is by cooking and preserving food, and there was really only one chef who could be the perfect partner - Chef Colleen Clawson of Milque Toast Bar and Baba Xavi. Chef Colleen is well-known for her support of local farmers and renowned for her incredible recipes. Together, we co-founded Nourish STL to provide easy, delicious, local meals to busy people with good hearts.
Our Philosophy
Local, sustainably grown foods are at the heart of every Nourish STL product. When you enjoy Nourish meals, you are supporting the growth and vitality of a sustainable local food system. We purchase all our produce from local farmers and sell at local businesses, helping to keep our dollars local and invest in the farmers who make our meals possible.

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