Our Story
In 2020, John Cowan saw a gap in the hummus market. He simply could not find hummus made from ethically-sourced, high-quality ingredients. That’s why John started Mylk and Hummus. Made from high-quality, flavorful ingredients, John’s hummus is sourced from local, ethical growers and packaged in compostable containers. Their goal? Simple: To invigorate your body and increase your happiness with pure, plant-based foods.
Our Practices
Chickpeas are amazing. As a nitrogen-fixing plant that support healthy soils and diverse microflora, chickpeas do a lot on their own to help our home. The little legumes are even better planet protectors when they’re grown and sourced sustainably. This is why Mylk and Hummus looked to American, organically-grown ingredients and suppliers using regenerative agriculture methods. Montana chickpeas are the best in the world, hands down. Paired with vegetables from local farms, Dearborn-made tahini, and extra virgin olive oil certified by California Olive Oil Council, each container packs some of the highest levels of polyphenols in the world—with a small, sustainable supply chain to boot.

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