Our Story
Originally located in South St. Louis, Mr. B’s started as a micro farm producing hot peppers, cucumbers, & tomatoes that we would use to make salsa, glazes, hot sauce, and spicy pickled products. In 2017 we took on a new adventure, transitioning from a micro farm to a mini farm in St. Francois County.

You may wonder why it's called 'Mr. B's' when there's a woman on the label.

Well, if you hear it from Mark, "it's because I (Mark) didn't have my caricature drawn." And if you ask Roxanne, "It's our initials M = Mark, R = Roxanne and B for Bowers." Not sure who's right but it definitely is a great partnership.

This company has always been a labor of love, and the love comes through the product.
Our Philosophy
We are committed to clean, healthy eating and respecting those around us and the environment. Everything that we make is locally produced and locally sourced without the use of fillers, preservatives, or artificial additives. Additionally, we believe that everything you add to the soil comes through in your produce. For that reason, when we have a pest problem, we rely on ladybugs instead of pesticides.

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