Our Story
Twenty years ago, the McGraws planted improved varieties of Northern pecan trees on a hilltop in St. Charles County. They selected great-tasting varieties of pecans that could survive the colder winter weather and ripen in a shorter growing season. Today, they harvest their pecans by hand and sell cracked and shelled pecans to friends, neighbors, bakeries, restaurants and markets. Their pecans are sweet, buttery, light golden in color, and bursting with pecan flavor.
Our Practices
McGraw Hilltop Pecan Farm employs integrated pest management practices. They monitor the orchard routinely during the season and only utilize sprays when necessary to control stink bugs and pecan scab, both which can wreak havoc on their pecan crop if left uncontrolled. They avoid spraying when honeybees or ladybugs are present because they appreciate their contribution to the ecosystem!

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