Our Story
The Marcoot story begins in 1840 when their ancestors, the "Markut" family, sailed from Switzerland to New Orleans, taking the steamship up the Mississippi River to the Bond-Madison County area of Southern Illinois. Once settled in America, the Markut name was changed back to a previous old-world spelling: "Marcoot". By the mid-1800s, their ancestors were raising and milking Jersey cattle. Seven generations and nearly 150 years later, John and Linda Marcoot posed a question to their children: would you rather stay on the dairy farm or pursue another career path? The youngest generation's original plan was to leave. It wasn't long, however, before the Marcoot siblings changed their minds and decided to continue the legacy that had been built over 7 generations. In 2010, the youngest generation embarked on a new adventure in the legacy of the Marcoot Jersey Farm by creating their first wheels of cheese.
Our Philosophy
Marcoot Creamery's cheese is made from the milk of their own Registered Jersey cattle. Their 100 milking Jersey cows spend their days pasturing on paddocks rich with a variety of native grasses. The cow's rich and nutritious milk is then transferred to Marcoot's underground aging cave (designed after the man-made cheese caves in Switzerland) where time works it's magic!

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