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Our Story
It’s been a dream of ours to start our own small farm with our children. I (Chad) grew up on a dairy farm and my parents were gracious enough to let us purchase 80 acres in 2010, and so we started grain farming with the help of my dad and brothers. In 2014, we moved to our current home with 6 acres, and were recently able to purchase an additional 23 acres adjoining. We started raising calves purchased from neighboring farmers, and bought 12 chicks the first year, and now we have a few cows, many steers, pigs, pygmy goats, a few lambs, turkeys, and hundreds of chickens. As our 4 children are getting older, they help with many of the daily chores and we enjoy spending time together tending to the animals or taking a ride to check on pastures and crops.

We believe in knowing where your food comes from and how it’s raised. We raise everything on the pasture throughout most of the year. We love watching the cattle graze on green pastures and chickens scratching for bugs and seeds.
Our Practices
We raise all our own animals on the pasture, hormone free with non-GMO grains and only use antibiotics when necessary. We practice regenerative agriculture and believe it’s important to take care of the soil and its biology.

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