Our Story
We could try to tell Louise’s story but we think they tell it best… “We are Leona, Amanda, and Joe, two daughters and a son-in-law to Louise. Louise is our mother, and since we were tots, she has (in our humble opinion) made the only granola worth eating. It's simply the best. We sisters have fond memories of our mom baking fresh granola and laying it out all over the countertops to dry. Of course, we would grab handfuls of it for a snack as the smell of fresh granola wafted throughout the entire house and out onto the streets. Over time, Louise's Granola has left the house by the ziplock to be shared with friends and neighbors, and now we want to bring it to all. Louise's Granola is that "classic, go-to" granola you've been looking for. Louise is a woman who thinks of each and every other person before herself. We're on a mission to share our mom's classic and beloved granola with the world, because it's that good and she's that special."
Our Practices
The team at Louise’s makes their granola in weekly small batches. This means that when you get your granola, it is FRESH.  Louise's Granola is made with simple ingredients and without preservatives. It’s also nutrient-dense, meaning that it contains whole grains and is packed with nuts and seeds that are rich in fiber, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, and plant-based protein. Yes, it has calories, but it ALSO has a "bang for your buck," meaning that it will help you feel more satisfied/fuller-for-longer when you add it to things like smoothies + yogurt or have it as a snack!!

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