Our Story
Liberty apple orchard was founded on a philosophy that Abraham Lincoln voiced during his Gettysburg address. He said that our forefathers developed the framework for a “new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” We strive to embody that principle in all of our work. We don’t just see ourselves as a farm. We see Liberty Apple Orchard as a place where family and friends can connect to enjoy nature’s harvest.
Our Practices
At Liberty Apple Orchard we employ an IPM Program consisting of five components. The first component is environment - we have a location with a lot of wind. Air movement through the tress minimizes heat and humidity in the trees, reducing disease formation and insect populations. The second component is cultivars. We try to grow varieties that fit the environment, especially in our hot and humid climate. Goldrush, Enterprise and Liberty are examples of naturally disease-resistant varieties. The third component is annual pruning to open up the trees and promote “air drainage.” The fourth component is good sanitation practices. We ensure that all fallen apples are removed from the orchard to minimize disease formation and keep the bugs away from the children. The fifth component consists of pesticide applications. We use organic and conventional sprays as needed during the spring and early summer. Not in the fall. Many organic sprays are highly toxic, so we use them sparingly. Most conventional pests are low toxicity and preferred.

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