Our Story
Kansas City Canning Co. was created in November 2014 to forge a modern approach to the craft of food preservation. Though Kansas City Canning Company was officially born 6 years ago in a former diner-turned-production-space in East Bottoms KC, Tim Tuohy's experience with preservation goes back much further. He grew up in New Jersey where canning was a part of his family tradition. That said, Kansas City Canning Co. is more than a job for Tim. It’s an avenue through which he can elevate and stretch the conceptualization of "canned" products.
Our Philosophy
Embracing unique flavor profiles in his recipe formulation, Tim likes to challenge normal constructs by thinking progressively about palates, uses, and balance. At Kansas City Canning Co., they celebrate local, sustainable ways to preserve seasons, moments and memories in food, using artisanal and traditional canning techniques stretching far back into their family trees. Each jar is hand-packed, hand-labeled and hand-batched in methods which require tender care and time- Tim hopes you can taste their commitment to the craft in each of their products.

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