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Our Story
Almost 20 years ago, I saw an opportunity. Not in cheese, but in milk. With little experience in the dairy industry, I decided to switch gears and start raising cows. Throughout this transition, I listened and learned and learned some more, and raised my family in the process. After mastering the art of milk, our family decided to take a second leap into the unknown, but this time with cheese. We opened up the doors of Hemme Brothers Creamery in 2016 to make handcrafted cheese. To be honest, we started Hemme Brothers Creamery so that our large extended family could stay together on the farm. Delicious, small-batch, handcrafted cheeses were just a welcomed byproduct of this desire.
Our Practices
We believe that great cheese starts with great milk. For that reason, we take pride in having complete control over the cheese-making process: from crop to cream to curd. All of our cheeses are handmade from the milk of cows that spend their days feeding on grasses, hay, and grain from our own land. Our cows produce milk with high concentrations of butterfat and protein – perfect for rich, flavorful cheeses. To our milk, we add only a few natural ingredients: rennet, cultures, salt, natural herbs, spices and time. What that means is you’ll enjoy cheese the way it’s meant to be – authentic and unprocessed.

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