Our Story
We started this farm to honor the legacy of Funks Grove and the generations of this family that have stewarded this land since the 1840s, and to honor those who came before our families, and the land with which they partnered. This farm is our attempt to carry on that work, while also making something new. We want Funks Grove Heritage Fruits & Grains to be a place of compassion, beauty, and joy, a place where people can thrive within our ecosystem and also get something great to eat.

We began in 2016 with our first orchard and grain plantings, and since then have developed food products that make the best of our own crops and those of our neighbors. We use the commercial kitchen and incredible sirup from Funks Grove Pure Maple Sirup to develop an ever-growing line of baking mixes, preserved fruit products, and seasonal items, and sell them through the sirup shop and a number of central Illinois stores and farms.
Our Philosophy
While we are not certified organic, all our crops are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Our grains are milled by Hazzard Free Farm in Pecatonica, and our fruit comes from either our own farm or other central Illinois growers. We currently grow on nine acres, located at what many people think of as the entrance to Funks Grove, just across the train tracks from Old Route 66.

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