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Our Story
After over 20 years working in the restaurant industry, I’ve recently started a new company that allows me to do what I love most: feed people. Field to Fire is located in Old North St Louis and features vibrant local ingredients prepared thoughtfully and creatively for you to enjoy at home.

Field to Fire’s dishes include ready to eat favorites like Thai Green Curry, Smoked Salmon, Gazpacho and Pork Ramen. More recently, I’ve added a variety of vegetarian and vegan options to my menu like my extremely popular green tea soba noodles.

When you purchase prepared foods from Field to Fire, you’re not only getting local ingredients which are expertly prepared, you’re also getting a variety of tastes that you otherwise wouldn’t find in the prepared food space. I always say ‘Field to Fire is like having a restaurant in your freezer’ and who wouldn’t want that.
Our Philosophy
Our mission is to create the highest quality ingredient-inspired meals that push the limit of flavor and fulfillment all while helping to support a healthy and sustainable community of farmers. Our menu is designed thoughtfully to be balanced, vegetable-forward, and boundaryless in terms of the cultures and cuisines represented. Each section of the menu changes frequently during the market season, ensuring that our products are packed with ingredients at the pinnacle of their freshness.

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