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Our Story
Dough Joe’s was born out of our founder Joe’s sweet tooth finally getting the best of him. After a life of “research and development” through over-consumption of doughnuts, Joe decided it was time to try his hand at making them for himself. Recognizing that the world isn’t completely made up of sweet lovers (his girlfriend, Lindsey, may have had something to do with this) Joe began his exploration into the world of savory bagel options. When he's not working on Dough Joe's or in the stands at Chaifetz Arena you can probably catch him walking through Lafayette Square Park with his dog Zula.
Our Practices
It's simple, really. Take high quality, local ingredients and bake with care. We promise to tirelessly search for the best local ingredients possible and take our time in carefully crafting each and every one of our baked goods. Right now, we use flour from the Illinois farm, “The Mill at Janie’s Farm” which provides us with numerous types of the highest quality flour around.

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