Our Story
I (Michael Gehman) of Double Star Farms have lived on a farm for as long as I can remember. My deep connection with farming spans back to my childhood when I would help my father out on his dairy farm in Pennsylvania.

A little while back, I decided to follow in my father’s footsteps and start my own farming operation located right here in Benton Illinois. It’s funny because I actually started out with more of a commodity farming mentality… I grew wheat, grain, corn, soybeans, and other crops like that. The farm evolved soon, however, to focus more on the production of crops that would actually end up on people’s dinner plate. Much of this evolution was pushed by my customers. My consumer base educated me, opening my eyes to a new way of farming. Double Star Farms now operates with an awareness of the ways in which our farming practices influence the environment and the humans consuming the products.
Our Practices
We use cover crops and crop rotation to help the soil recover its nutrients. By maintaining the health of our soil, we reduce our bug population and mitigate weed growth. Though we’re not Certified Organic, we follow many organic practices. Specifically, we seldom use any type of insecticide and instead opt for organic bug prevention techniques. It’s not difficult to grow something naturally if you work with mother nature.

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