Our Story
D&M Farms is run by Dave (a 4th generation farmer) and his daughter Megan (a member of the 5th generation). Dave's experience with farming and Megan's Animal Sciences degree makes them a pretty awesome duo. Together, Dave and Megan raise all-natural, pasture-raised, hormone and antibiotic free heritage pork!
Our Practices
D&M Farms has a strong commitment to the humane treatment of animals. First, they do not allow the use of sub-therapeutic and/or non-therapeutic antibiotics or hormones. Second, their animals are fed a natural diet of whey (leftover from the cheesemaking process). Third, D&M's animals have access to pasture and, fourth, they don't use any farrowing crates.

D&M's animals are raised happy and fed healthy because animal welfare is D&M's top priority, along with providing top quality products and great customer service.

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