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Our Story
Ever since I was little, even in elementary school (I grew up in Webster Groves), I always wanted to be a farmer. I have no idea what it was but when I was a freshman in high school at Webster High, I got my first couple calves and raised those up for grass fed beef. This was my first glimpse into the world of farming.

In 2010, my wife and I started Buttonwood Farm in Sunny California with chickens, turkey, and a big fancy dream: We wanted to raise our animals on real, living, breathing pasture because we thought that was the way it ought to be done. We still believe that.
Our Practices
Our animals are treated according to the most humane standards. No sub-therapeutic and/or non-therapeutic antibiotics or hormones are used on our farm. Our chickens live on open pasture for ~9 months of the year and are moved indoors during the colder months. That being said, our chickens derive a significant amount of their nourishment from pasture grasses and insects but are also supplemented with a ground grain meal.

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