Our Story
Ever since Matt Tiefenbrun was a kid, he knew he wanted to be a farmer. When he was a freshman in high school, he got his first couple calves and raised those up for grass fed beef. This was his first glimpse into the world of farming.

In 2010, Matt and his wife Eleanor started Buttonwood Farm in California, MO with some chickens, turkeys, and a big fancy dream: To raise their animals on real, living, breathing pasture because they thought that was the way it ought to be done. They still believe that.
Our Practices
Buttonwood's animals are treated according to the most humane standards. Unlike free-range-only birds, Buttonwood's chickens and turkeys live in the great outdoors on green mid-Missouri pastures from the moment they have enough feathers to handle the elements. All Buttonwood birds are free to roam and forage, consuming an all-natural diet of grass and insects supplemented with ground grain meal. No antibiotics or hormones in these chickens!

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