Our Story
Severson Farms is a small family farm in Grundy County, IL. Sometimes people ask Bryan Severson "Why do you have a horse as your emblem if you don't even raise horses?" The answer is simple. When Bryan first started farming on his own, his grandfather came out to the farm with iron tracings of horses that had hung on his barn. "You've got to hang these up on your barn" his grandfather told him. When Bryan asked why, he said "Because my father had them hanging on his barn." The answer was tradition. Doing things the way our grandfathers and their fathers did them. To try and grow the crops and varieties they grew, that tasted good (because that's what they ate), without chemicals or GMO's (because that's what they fed their families, using methods that have been used for hundreds of years. That's the philosophy that guides Bryan Severson farms. That's the philosophy that shines through in every crop they grow.
Our Practices
Everything that Bryan Severson Farms raise is either certified organic or transitioning to organic. That means that they don’t use any non-approved pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers AND they only use non-GMO seeds.

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