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Our Story
We, Brian and Karen Severson, are the fifth generation to have a small family farm in Grundy County, Illinois (80 miles south-west of Chicago), where we raise non GMO, organic grains. Unhappy with the introduction of GMOs and the direction agriculture was heading in the 1990s, we started experimenting with organic methods. We raised our first certified organic sweet corn in 2007. Around that time, we also began growing organic oats, various food corns, wheat, popcorn, sunflowers, peas, soybeans and buckwheat.

A few years back we decided to start cleaning our grains so that they could be available for consumer use. With the addition of a stone grist mill and roller mill, we gained the ability to process our grains into various flours, rolled oats, and meals right on our farm.

Our children have also become more active in the farm after leaving home for a time to finish their college education. Luke has returned to farm full time with Brian and does most of the day-to-day milling tasks, field work, and front end website programming. Sarah has returned full time with a culinary degree and desire to bring our products to market in a baked form. Joel is currently sitting college out until COVID passes and providing much needed help in everyday farming activities. Talk about a family farm!
Our Practices
Everything we raise is either certified organic or transitioning to organic. That means that we don’t use any non-approved pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. Furthermore, we only use non-GMO seeds.

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