A flock established on the foundation of quality genetics and fertile Iowa farmland, the purebred Hampshire and Dorset sheep of Bobb Family Farm graze lush pastures free from any pesticides or herbicides. Five generations of shepherds, the Bobb family is rooted in the sustainability of environmental stewardship and animal husbandry, producing a flock of consistent, healthy animals.
Our Flock
The Bobb Family converted farmland previously used for intensive row crop purposes to hay and pasture rotations that allow them to maintain minimal erosion and to increase the organic matter content of the soil. Rotational grazing keeps their pastures healthy, while legume mixes help to naturally fix nitrogen in the soil to feed the multiple grass species without the need for chemical fertilizer. The only fertilizer that they use is the dry manure produced by their flock in the cold months. They compost this manure for 6-12 months, turning it about five times to allow for oxygen flow and complete composting of the organic material. This holistic approach leads to clean, healthy pastures and natural nutrients for their sheep.

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