Our Story
After graduating with a bachelor’s in hospitality management from Mizzou, Meggie’s dream was to own her own own bakery. She followed that dream to the french pastry school in Chicago where she discovered that, while she likes baking, she LOVES chocolate. According to Meggie, chocolate is the perfect combination of art and science. After working in Chicago for a little while, Meggie came to a crossroads. She wanted to return to St. Louis (where she was born and raised), but it’s not really a hub for artisan, hand painted chocolate boutiques. So Meggie decided to change that!
Our Practices
All of Meggie’s chocolates are hand-made in small batches. With their hand-painted exteriors and innovative fillings, Meggie Mobley’s stunning culinary creations blur the lines between art and food. That’s why Meggie’s chocolates aren’t just a snack… they’re an experience!

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