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Our Story
Big Muddy Hogs is a regenerative, pasture-based pork and poultry farm located in Southern Illinois. We raise Heritage Black Mulefoot and Red Wattle Hogs, along with broiler chickens, turkeys, and laying hens. We also co-op with other farms in the midwest to bring you the best fresh products on a daily and weekly schedule. Our mission is to produce clean, sustainable, humanely raised pork and poultry for our local food shed. Our products are of top-tier quality as they are all local, raised by smaller farms here in the state of Illinois.
Our Philosophy
Big Muddy Hogs’ animals are all pasture raised, use regenerative practices, humane management, and no antibiotics ever. We grow heritage breed, Black Mulefoot and Red Wattle hogs. We’re a farrow to finish farm so we maintain a breeding herd to produce all our piglets. Our sustainable, ethical practices produce a consistently delicious, healthy food source for our customers. We use an integrated pest management system, riparian herbaceous cover, grazing management and we are fully committed to never confining our animals. Furthermore, we do not use conventional herbicides or synthetic fertilizers. This ensures our free-range animals are happy, healthy, and raised as pigs should be.

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