Our Story
Bee Simple City Farm began in 2014 as a partnership between urban farmers Mary Densmore and James Meinert. Mary and James had been farming since 2009 with New Roots Urban Farm and began Bee Simple as a way to add to the work we were already doing at New Roots. Bee Simple specializes in products like wildflower honey, microgreens, herbs, edible flowers and handmade soaps. Located just a mile from downtown, Mary and James firmly believe in eating clean and quality food grown right here in St. Louis.
Our Practices
Bee Simple's 350 square foot greenhouse is home to all sorts of sustainable practices. From composting organic waste and using cover crops to implementing a nutrient management plan that involves fallow land and crop rotation, Mary and James are 100% committed to local, sustainable agriculture. They also pride themselves on the sustainability of their bee-keeping practices. Bee Simple's hives receive at least 4 hours of sunlight per day and have access to clean water within ½ mile of their well-ventilated hives!

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